Why Choose Us

Grand Master Richard Temmerman has a PhD in Martial Arts Philosophy and has been teaching martial arts and self defense for 25 years. He has promoted over 650 black belts and has now been called by the Lord to teach women to empower and protect themselves.  

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How it Works

The course consists of two sessions. A fighting class is also offered. The first session teaches women about the mindset of sexual predators. The second session teaches women the proper attitude and mental skills to ward off predators. A fighting class is offered for women who have completed the two sessions program and would like to learn physical fighting skills to stop predators in case an attack occurs.

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Love Your Journey

The journey is not just about learning how to defend yourself, it's about the empowerment you feel when doing so. You deserve to walk around with the knowledge that you have the capability of fighting off an attacker should you need to.


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What We Offer

Workshops designed for women ages 13 and older
Fighting classes for women
Private lessons
Seminars for women’s professional groups
Seminars for women in high school and college

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